Viking Guitar Productions is your one-stop solution for mixing and mastering services, ensuring that your music sounds its best. Offering editing, mixing and mastering services for bands, solo musicians, and voice over artists. Don't settle for inferior "automated" services that will do a disservice to your audio. With Viking Guitar Productions, you'll get over a decade of audio experience to make your music shine! No job is too big, too small, or too weird.


Audio Examples:

"Imaginary Skies" (Alt Rock)

Artificial Astronaut

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"From Beyond the Gradient" (Metal/Chip)

Mega Beardo

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People" (Post Metal)

Thought Trials

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"Blasphemy" (Goth/Dance)

Pitch Black Manor

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"Sand Dollar" (Acoustic Guitar Soloist)

Jon Poulin

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"Imposter" (Synthwave)


Mastering by VGP

"Surfers on the Storm" (Surf Rock)

Underwater Bosses

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"Organics" (Electronic)

Baron Von Future

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

"Under Wicked Skies" (Heavy Metal)

Tyrants By Night

Mixing/Mastering by VGP

Here's What Clients Are Saying:

"Erik is one of the best communicators I've met, and his work is on par with or better than every other mastering engineer I've worked with. He was able to complete our project rapidly and with very few revisions."
- Francis Roberts, Old Man Wizard

"Erik mixed and mastered our album Monster Classics and delivered exactly what we wanted. I'd recommend his services to anybody based on skill set alone, but he was also an excellent creative partner and easy communicator. It's important for music to sound good, but more important to have "a sound," and Erik's the man to make your project sing. Go with Viking Guitar - don't be a fool!"
- Chad Fifer, Pitch Black Manor

"I had first used eMastering automated online mastering, but was curious how things would differ if using a real live mastering engineer. I had Erik do a free test master, and was pleasantly surprised. His track had better low end and more overall volume, without sounding over compressed or pumping, as compared to the eMastered versions. The biggest win though was that I was able to give him feedback and have him make tweaks, which wasn't possible with the automated system. Overall, I'd choose Erik over automated mastering any day!"
- Jesse Lyon, Ghost Cards

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I'm Erik Peabody, and I am the owner of Viking Guitar Productions. My work has been everywhere from the front page of the iTunes store to installations at Disney theme parks, from professional wrestling events to gaming conventions with tens of thousands of attendees. I am absolutely committed to getting your music to sound as good as possible, and I have the experience, the tools, and dedication to make that happen. Whether you're a seasoned band with a new album for a label, or a home musician that's considering hiring an engineer for your first project, I'd love to work with you to get your music to its full potential. Send me an email today to tell me about your project!

More Client Reviews:

"After coming to a dead end with my own knowledge of mastering, I decided it was time to search for help. I started searching around and came across Erik's website, and after listening to his previous work I decided he was the guy for me. I sent him an email and within what seemed like minutes, I had a response and he was genuinely interested in helping me out. He has absolutely brought my tracks to life, and gave them exactly what I was looking for. He was willing to work with me and listen to suggestions, and answer any questions I had. He is an absolute professional, and this whole experience has been a pleasure. I will continue to work with Erik on any and every future project I have."
- Matt O'Rourke, Tyrants By Night

"Let it be known that Erik is a fricking god. He's been mixing a song for me and some friends and has been super accommodating for our super picky tastes and has FRICKING NAILED IT on every draft he sends us, even dealing with our oftentimes contradictory opinions."
- Travis Teitsch, Musician

"Erik (Viking Guitar Productions) was a tremendous boon to my project. He worked diligently to realize my musical vision and was highly adaptable, expertly navigating multiple setbacks (with the source files) which could have otherwise been ruinous. My EP has gone from an amateur bedroom production to a professional-sounding album."
- Ian Ferguson (DREHG, "The Wolf You Feed")

"Erik is one of the best engineers I've had the opportunity to work with. For our Ecco the Dolphin compilation, Sound Waves, not only was he able to transform nearly three hours of music from 36 completely different groups and artists into a single cohesive album, but he did it promptly and to the highest standard of quality. In every interaction we've had, he has been professional, friendly, accommodating, and eager to help create an end-product specifically tailored to our needs. I look forward to working with him again on future projects, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled top-notch audio engineer."
- Ian Luckey, Patient Corgi

"Viking Guitar Productions was an absolute joy to work with. He took the time to work with me on the fine details of my needs. Didn't talk over my head, made multiple revisions and was pleasant throughout the process. Worth the money, nuff said."
- Retro Shred

"I can't believe how much more life you brought to my song! I listened to my own mastered version and it sounds so weak in comparison. You did really great work, thank you!"
- Christian Escobar, The Plasmas

"It was a pleasure working with Erik. His knowledge and expertise at mastering made my debut album a breeze. He was in constant communication with me every step of the way and helped bring my creative vision to life. Affordable and professional!"
- Aaron Hickman, Dya

"Absolutely stoked on the synth parts added to our newest Brain Drill record. Erik at Viking Guitar Productions did an amazing job and added that extra atmosphere to our sound. If you are looking for mixing, mastering or some tracking and session work by a very dedicated person for a super affordable price, go to him."
- Dylan Ruskin, Brain Drill